Stress Sells

For the INC 5000 conference, Salesforce wanted the ultimate goal of a trade show booth: a crowd-attracting spectacle showing the benefits of the company’s product. We delivered.

We designed an experience that simulated the everyday stresses of a salesperson trying to beat the competition while dealing with the reality of the workplace. A booth staff member summed up the game perfectly,

“This is going to look very familiar to you if you don’t have an organization that is… organized.”

Played on Interplay’s Picture This!™ platform, the game required players to find solutions for random problems such as developing a quote for a new proposal, returning a call, or mailing a brochure. The first player to complete the tasks won.

Every competition attracted an audience as the sights and sounds of Picture This!™ combined with the increasing frenzy of the players. The game play primed the crowd watching with questions making it easy for the booth staff to talk about Salesforce products and their benefits.

The booth stayed busy throughout the conference. For Salesforce, playful stress generated leads. For Interplay, spectacle accomplished.

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