TEDxSeattle is licensed to create independently-organized TED-like events that deliver on a mission of ideas worth spreading. Since 2010, they’ve held an annual one-day conference and they’ve grown. As the event changed from several hundred to several thousand attendees, organizers realized the connections people made in a smaller audience now needed facilitation. They also had a bottom line challenge. The growing budget required larger sponsorships. That meant offering more to potential partners. Now, Interplay designs experiences to meet both needs.

Interplay has ways to engage attendees “in their seat and on their feet.” The name badges were developed to with games and exercises led by an interactive host. The conversations started in the auditorium were supported through lobby activities. In 2017, for example, the Changing Places theme inspired activities that included drawing on, decorating, and climbing inside a red X, pedaling a bike, creating a comic book superhero, ad-libbing a TED talk, and creating a personalized street corner in augmented reality (AR).

The AR experience was designed for the credit union WSECU, the event’s presenting partner. Attendees were asked to answer questions about what they believed made a healthy financial community. Then they stepped into a virtual snapshot of their community. The experience stayed true to the theme while providing the credit union with consumer insight and an AR experience they could take on the road.