Stress Sells

At the INC 5000 conference, the Salesforce trade booth invited people to experience a day in the life of a salesperson. The catch? As a booth staffer described the game to new players,

“This is going to look very familiar to you if you don’t have an organization that is… organized.”  

Describe Picture this. An interactive platform for changing content programmed with the objects and tasks.  

Picture This!™ was set up as a competition to show who was the faster salesperson, players experienced firsthand how disorganization slows response time. The number of tasks increased as the game progressed. Problems and their solutions showed up randomly across the game board. The timer counted down as players worked to meet tasks such as filling a customer’s request for a brochure, developing a quote for a new proposal, returning a call, or sending an email.

After the buzzer, people asked how Salesforce made this easier.  The booth staff simply pointed to the game for the answer. “See all the icons, how many places you have to go to get that information? Salesforce makes it so there’s just one.”

Throughout the conference, the booth stayed busy with players and even more people watching, and asking questions. For Salesforce, playful stress generated leads.

How We Got There

For Salesforce, IP used the design path to:

  • Clarified the core challenge: “Get people to experience what slows down a sales team.”
  • Created a Design specification based factoring in ideas the audience already held
  • Customized a novel tool to deliver the challenge
  • Executed at the event